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Redskins interested in Taylor Mays?

Posted on: June 5, 2009 9:40 pm
Wait... Wait... Let me explain...

Ever since this Laron Landry soap opera began LAST season, I referred to something that struck me odd when we drafted him.  He spoke in 3rd person.  It may have been innocently synonymous with the likes of a Freudian slip, but it was an OBVIOUS red flag to the keen eye of a former Sociology major.  Now, the Head Coach is pissed and everybody is surprised?

Not me.  See, Laron Landry's 2008 OTA/Pre-season was politely wrapped in Mac Truck-sized 2-inch cleat laden ham sandwich, courtesy of Brandon Jacobs.  Now this year would make PERFECT if an Ali-Frazier II remake happens in the Manhattan trash-dump better known as the Meadowlands.  I wouldn't be surprised if Jacobs knocks Landry out of the game for a few series. 

In real life, when somebody speaks in 3rd person, TYPICALLY they possess a certain forbidden trait called hubris .  Hubris is one of the worst that can ever happen to a football team.  See Terrell Owens, Braylon Edwards, Larry Johnson, Joey Porter, Plaxico Burress, Al Davis, and Anquan Boldin.  The Redskins already have the super baby-wiped ego of Clinton Portis (although he finds a lighter side, his work ethic mirrors most Japanese Sweatshops). 

Laron Landry is not worth this headache.  Yes, he is a great player, yes he was projected to be one of the best STRONG SAFETIES ever, but let's face it.  Since his contract was based on incentives that he could have ONLY achieved at OLB or SS, his pockets are going to forever be "slacking" comparitively to other FSs in the league (as long as he dons the burgundy and gold), that's almost ALWAYS poses a problem sooner or later.  When his free-agent season arrives, do not expect him to remain in Ashburn.  He's rubbing too many faithful wrong.  When his Positions Coach starts to chime in and makes it public and it makes the front page of the NFL section of; the problem has boiled over TOO much.

Unless he shows up to the 5th day of OTA's 6'0", 245lbs of solid anger , then the fact he's missing much needed comraderie, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the sprinkles of personnel/tactical cupcakes of defensive schematics. 

Come March 2010, why not surprise Landry the same way he surprised all of the Redskin faithful?  Trade his @$$ for a 2nd and 4th round pick.  Why not?  Get ONE more season (2010) out of him before he hops on the 1st Fueled Jet to Al Davis' house?  Then we have a void @ FS during the 2011 off-season.  We lose.  No, let's approach this New England Patriots/Pittsburg Steelers style.

Why not bring in a kid who is physically identical to the last most dominant football player in human history and has a common name? [Sean] Taylor Mays; and all of his 6'3", 235lbs, 4.4-40 yard dash, speed (no h0mo).  Next season we will not be looking for a pass-rushing DE (because Brian Orakpo will take over, right?), the OLB position is going to be given to Chris Wilson, Robert Henson, Cody Glenn or they're gonna move Chris Horton (because he will be the 2010 Thomas Davis/Greg Blue inspired hybrid experiment).

End of the day, we have ANOTHER "TAYLOR ", and a kid who I hope will not speak in 3rd person upon one of his first interviews.

We don't need a T.O.  Or our starting Captain of the Defense missing an ENTIRE off-season.

Screw Landry.  Brandon Jacobs, Jonathan Stewart, Larry Johnson, Marion Barber, and Jerrious Norwood are ALL going to most likely truck him good next season.

Taylor Mays may be the answer.  Or maybe I should not have watched the movie "300" for the 20th time last night.

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