Posted on: June 5, 2009 9:40 pm

Redskins interested in Taylor Mays?

Wait... Wait... Let me explain...

Ever since this Laron Landry soap opera began LAST season, I referred to something that struck me odd when we drafted him.  He spoke in 3rd person.  It may have been innocently synonymous with the likes of a Freudian slip, but it was an OBVIOUS red flag to the keen eye of a former Sociology major.  Now, the Head Coach is pissed and everybody is surprised?

Not me.  See, Laron Landry's 2008 OTA/Pre-season was politely wrapped in Mac Truck-sized 2-inch cleat laden ham sandwich, courtesy of Brandon Jacobs.  Now this year would make PERFECT if an Ali-Frazier II remake happens in the Manhattan trash-dump better known as the Meadowlands.  I wouldn't be surprised if Jacobs knocks Landry out of the game for a few series. 

In real life, when somebody speaks in 3rd person, TYPICALLY they possess a certain forbidden trait called hubris .  Hubris is one of the worst that can ever happen to a football team.  See Terrell Owens, Braylon Edwards, Larry Johnson, Joey Porter, Plaxico Burress, Al Davis, and Anquan Boldin.  The Redskins already have the super baby-wiped ego of Clinton Portis (although he finds a lighter side, his work ethic mirrors most Japanese Sweatshops). 

Laron Landry is not worth this headache.  Yes, he is a great player, yes he was projected to be one of the best STRONG SAFETIES ever, but let's face it.  Since his contract was based on incentives that he could have ONLY achieved at OLB or SS, his pockets are going to forever be "slacking" comparitively to other FSs in the league (as long as he dons the burgundy and gold), that's almost ALWAYS poses a problem sooner or later.  When his free-agent season arrives, do not expect him to remain in Ashburn.  He's rubbing too many faithful wrong.  When his Positions Coach starts to chime in and makes it public and it makes the front page of the NFL section of; the problem has boiled over TOO much.

Unless he shows up to the 5th day of OTA's 6'0", 245lbs of solid anger , then the fact he's missing much needed comraderie, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the sprinkles of personnel/tactical cupcakes of defensive schematics. 

Come March 2010, why not surprise Landry the same way he surprised all of the Redskin faithful?  Trade his @$$ for a 2nd and 4th round pick.  Why not?  Get ONE more season (2010) out of him before he hops on the 1st Fueled Jet to Al Davis' house?  Then we have a void @ FS during the 2011 off-season.  We lose.  No, let's approach this New England Patriots/Pittsburg Steelers style.

Why not bring in a kid who is physically identical to the last most dominant football player in human history and has a common name? [Sean] Taylor Mays; and all of his 6'3", 235lbs, 4.4-40 yard dash, speed (no h0mo).  Next season we will not be looking for a pass-rushing DE (because Brian Orakpo will take over, right?), the OLB position is going to be given to Chris Wilson, Robert Henson, Cody Glenn or they're gonna move Chris Horton (because he will be the 2010 Thomas Davis/Greg Blue inspired hybrid experiment).

End of the day, we have ANOTHER "TAYLOR ", and a kid who I hope will not speak in 3rd person upon one of his first interviews.

We don't need a T.O.  Or our starting Captain of the Defense missing an ENTIRE off-season.

Screw Landry.  Brandon Jacobs, Jonathan Stewart, Larry Johnson, Marion Barber, and Jerrious Norwood are ALL going to most likely truck him good next season.

Taylor Mays may be the answer.  Or maybe I should not have watched the movie "300" for the 20th time last night.

Gibbsean Rule

Posted on: March 4, 2009 12:53 am

Dan Snyder the Fan. Who is Eric Scaffer?


Every sports media outlet suggests that Dan Snyder is just a complete idiot.  He spends too much cash.  He's this, he is that.  Well people.  He is one of the wealthiest Redskins Fans on the globe.  So what does that combination make?  Chaos, and an altered recipe for solving the prevalent problems.  This off season (already) may be enough for me to survive the baseball season.  Ashburn smelled like a meeting room at the Old Executive Office Building; with the Chief of Staff signing permission slips to the Six Flags (Snyder $) Scrooge McDuck Wave Pool.  Personally, I love Snyder, and I am MORE than happy that at any given moment, he is willing to take risks that on paper make PLENTY of sense.  I know that when Madden 2010 comes out.  The Redskins are going to be the best team on the game (not in rankings, but in most fun to win with).

Here are some reasons why this Albert Haynesworth situation is not as big as everybody makes it.  Every aspect of football is 50/50.  Heads we win, tails we lose.  Who is to say that we saved $ and signed Canty and Suggs, they would just immediately change the game?

A. There is no Salary Cap in 2010. Let's remind ourselves of this LIKELY reality.  Barring SOMEBODY calling for a strike.

B. Albert Haynesworth has grown into the most DOMINANT defensive player in the last two seasons.  Who cares if it was a double contract year.  He still CARRIED the Titans defense.

C. He took the Titan's defense to the playoffs by playing dominant grown man football.  And he is relatively young.  28.  That means we have three SOLID years out of him.  If he can stay healthy.  He will make our FIRST LINE of Defense better, IMMENSELY by simply showing up to the line of scrimmage.

D. When on field, he commands the attention of the opposing offense.  We have not had a player that opposing offenses had to account for since...


21 RIP


The Redskins need that presence.  [To all my Redskins fans.  None of this would even matter if the Phantom Menace was still lurking in the secondary.  Could you imagine LaRon Landry at SS, where he belonged?  :Sigh:]

E. In 2010, WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT WHEN IT COMES TO MONEY?  Remember?  We are the Washington Redskins and for 10 straight years we were #3 financially among the GLOBAL SPORTS FRANCHISE (behind 1.New York Yankees and 2.Manchester United).  No salary cap means contracts are going to be flying EVERYWHERE.  And if there are PROBLEMS come the 2010 offseason.  Oh, you can bet your wife Dan Snyder is going to BLOW THIS TEAM UP.  Who stays? Haynesworth.  Portis and Betts MAY BE GONE, i mean lets face it.  Eric Scaffer can make people APPEAR and DISAPPEAR at will.

The Washington Redskins has one of the most Recession free Owners in Sports History.  AND a fan base that EATS government salaries consistently since FOREVER!  20 fans b!tch and complain about price to park and $8 Popcorn slushies, while 30 other fans are throwing their debit cards at the ticket booth, begging to get into the party. Its a win win.  People will ALWAYS have money in the DC area unless the Presidential Hierarchy falls. 

Every player in the NFL is going to be cut bait for one team AND a likely target for others.  Who is Shawn Springs? Contracts are going to get THROWN in players faces; VIOLENTLY [think Al Davis OFF his drugs].  NO SALARY CAP?  Are you serious?

So people, when looking at the acquisition of Haynesworh (and cutting J. Taylor) we have to put into account his DOMINANCE.  Most of the Redskin fanbase has not even watched Haynesworth on a consistent enough basis to even understand his true worth and abilities.  Haynesworth fixes our defensive holes.  Who cares about our OLBs?  No really.  Can you name the Titans OLBs in 30 seconds?  No.  They were irrelevant.  We have 3 DT dogs (Griffin is a MONSTER when healthy, Golston is a hungry Georgia Dog, and Montgomery has potential to be the NEXT Haynesworth), Two young DEs that are ready for their shine (Rob Jackson is about to go OFF!), and a secondary that has pick six written ALL over it.  Did I mention Fletcher?

Albert Haynesworth?  Do you realize what his presence does during practices?  You have to bang with this dude EVERYDAY?  Of course you are going to get better.  Heyer (occasional Haynesworth (DE) matchups, Rhinehart and rookie additions get to learn how to tame a Polar Bear for 20 second intervals.

F. Haynesworth and D. Hall are pretty much BIRTHDAY gifts to Greg Blache.  So we can ALL expect the Redskins to go offensive heavy with their first two picks.  A wise man would suggest trading down for more pics and more offensive bandaids...

BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK SIGNING DOCKERY WAS FOR?   Dockery is BACK!  People judge Snyder's financial savvy, but the Vinny and Cerrato Grocery list included ALL the right ingredients to make a meal.  Now it is up to the Coaches, Staff, and administration to get the ball rolling.  If a Chef asks for tomatoes, onions and pepper.  You give him all three...


Dockery will solidify his role, while Rabach is solid and Thomas is one of the best RG's in the league %70 healthy...  I know, i know Chris Samuels and Jon Jansen are not answers to any longevital reign of dominance, so we will invest in rookie talents.  But since Zorn is half done (in regards to bolstering the offense).  Do not be surprised if we land Knowshon Moreno or Andre Brown.

A running back, and two rookie OLs would be the ending recipe for a Superbowl push.

Who is Eric Schaffer?

Posted on: February 26, 2009 5:21 pm

Redskins + Haynesworth + Recession Proof?

Lets get this clear.  No way in hell could the Redskins land Haynesworth and avoid the pinch of the RECESSION in real life.   So the reference to America's current state of peril in in consideration of additional roster moves that the Redskins can make to "fail-safe" the defensive outcome pending on Hayneworth's showmanship.

One of my fellow PG County Athletic Pundits recently pointed out a key element to Albery Haynesworth's football skills.  Imagine if you will, you are sitting in your dining room (standard family = 4 chairs and standard table) and you rearange the room to replicate EA Sports John Madden Rushing Drills.

You have two chairs as guards wit AT LEAST 2.5 feet of distance separating the two from the center.  One Chair playing Center.  The table giving you a visual concept of dimensions. and the last chair, just behind the table, will serve as the QB.  Just in these 5 pieces of furniture you cover a 10' x 5' rectangle.


Step back... Look at the collection of furniture and then imagine that you have two 6'4" 300lb guards, a 6'3" 298lb center, and a 6'4" 215lb qb on the line, ready to score a touch down.  Now imagine every furniture item pushed from one side of the dining room to the other at ONE MAN's will.

People.  Some would sell a BABY at this point for Hayneworth OR Shaun Rogers.  They dominate over 225 squared feet (15' x 15' = [X]ft. squared right?) of NFL turf every snap.  Yeah the get double teamed, yeah they have degenerative knees...  But people, Albert Hayneworth does EXACTLY what every coach on EVERY football team in America (pop warner to the NFL) want his DTs to do.  Collapse the pocket and PROACTIVELY disrupt the offense's intentions. 

For those of us that played Defense during our glory days.  The only advantage offense has over defense; is that they leave the huddle knowing what play(s) is about to be called.  That's it.  Albert Haynesworth, single-handedly, gets ANY defense as close to the Offensive huddle as possible.  He is worth the $100 mil.  This is why. 

The addition of Haynesworth will limit the Redskins spending capabilities in regards to D'Angelo Hall and possibly Jason Taylor.  Oh well, good buy, wish ya luck.  That means that Shawn Springs is gone as well.  Carlos Roger's ego is given wet-wipe #276-b, and we are forced to trade out of the 1st round for more picks dues to Internal financial issues.  Haynesworth in himself pretty much accomodates for the loss of Marcus Washington, the inconsistency of Rocky McIntosh immediately, and could allow us to resign Demetrick Evans and just let him START (DAMN IT).  Therein lies the biggest Defensive line in the NFC East from DE to DE.  Period.  Haynesworth now has an old Griffin, and two HUNGRY dogs in Gholston and Montegomery to keep his health in perspective as well, minimizing his snaps and enhancing his game-time effectiveness.

We keep Rogers, and Smoot (develop some young cbs), add in Landry, and Horton we now return to being a top 5 NFL defense AND... We have Albert Haynesworth.  See, some people do not understand football.  Most people consider a pass rush solely DE's tornado-ing towards the QB.

No.  Its moving the QBs "comfort zone" circle as far near his neck as possible.  This draft needs to address a home run hitting RB and/or young legs, that will either inspire Betts to keep a job, or put him closer to cut-bait by the end of next season.  Don't be shocked if Javon Ringer or Andre Brown end up on our roster.  Needs to dedicate at least two picks (3rd and 5th) to olinemen, and must somehow get a young outside linebacker on the roster as well.

The addition of Albert Haynesworth is a NO BRAINER, and Snyder IS gonna do it.  Let's just hope that Vinny can slip in a YOUNG C+ guard in via free agency, move out of the 1st round and get more developmental pics (living within financial and realistic means), a RB in the 2nd round would be great.  And hopefully stock pile the OL with the rest of the pics, and possibly sweet tooth Cato June into coming back home.

Bottom line, Haynesworth turns Alfred Fincher into a star.

Why not deep in the playoffs AT Jack Kent Cooke Stadium.




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Edited on: February 5, 2009 11:52 am

Auburn's Recruiting class the most Underrated!

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Since ONLY respects our class, and ESPN/Rivals/MaxPreps thinks that marquee talent doesnt seem right on an Auburn roster.  I will analyze the class and suggest the time-frame of their impact.  I will go based on positions and I will use a ranking system (1-10) predicting the OVERALL value to our squad; not necessarily the talent level but based more of the needs and ability to assilate into Coach Chiz's Defense or Malzahn's offense.  I will use a ranking factor (A-F) to guage star power.  Comparable player will be in bold .

Example: DeAngelo Benton = B10.  He is not the most intelligent STUDENT -Athlete, but he has the build and tenacity needed to make plays on the gridiron.  The fact that the intelligence within the classroom is lacking; suggests that there is NO way to make him a truly marketable super star. He will see playing time from day 1.  He will be our prime WR target by week 4.  He lacks pedigree, but he could turn into a southern bred Braylon Edwards .

Get it?

Let's analyze...


Tyrik Rollison: A8.  He most likely wont beat out Kodi Burns for the starting nod, but deserves to gain some spot duties as the season progresses.  Many pundits compare him to Michael Bishop , and many believe that he is Kodi Part II.  I agree with BOTH of those analogies, however I will say that as a prep, he showed better accuracy than BOTH of them.  And nobody can ever compare to the genuine POISE that Michael Bishop portrayed his entire collegiate career.  When he takes over.  He will be the star.  He has the East Texas Swag that you just cannot deny.

Clint Mosely: C7.  Mr. Alabama, meet QB battle royale.  He put up BRILLIANT numbers in 2A competition.  The main argument against him [and Gulley] is that he dominated inferior competition.  Scouts suggested he was the best athlete in virtually EVERY game he played.  Was it his fault?  His parents lived where they lived, and he went to high school to get an education.  He couldnt control WHERE/WHO they played.  He has the measurables (6'4", 215, 4.6; Think Big Ben ) to be a standard pocket QB with scramble capabilities.  Can he beat out Rollison and Trotter?  That is another story.

Robert Cooper: D6. Anytime you get a 1/2 star (split) 6'4" 230+ lbs kid who signs an LOI as a greyshirt.  Something is special.  He is not going to be a star, but he will do damage in practice, and he will contribute ANYWHERE the coaches put him.  I see him at DE, but if I was coach Chiz, I'd try my best to turn him into a Mark Herzlich (BC olb).  They promised a shot at the QB depth chart.  But he should join a winning program and play ball.



Onterio McCalleb: B9.  Some compare his running style to that of Gayle Sayers in regards to his upright running style.  But does he have the elusive POWER that Sayers surprised opposing defenders with?  Well, hopefully the weight room can mold his 6’, 175lb frame into an occasional “dipset” guru.  He can be a star, un matched breakaway speed, may very well become the homerun threat this offense has been lacking for 2 years.  If he puts on the pounds, I think a young Robert Smith would be a strong comparable.


Donte Aycock: B9.  With a last name like that, he has NO CHOICE but to hit the ground running.  Well spoken, articulate, and seems to be ready to hit the spotlight.  He could challenge for immediate playing time.  To the benefit of the SEC, there is TYPICALLY one football per standard play.  So the RB stable will be very crowded.  He has the size of a young Thomas Jones and if he can keep the motor running, will may be the type back that gets better as the games wears on.


Brandon Jacobs: B7.  He’s a lumber yard RB.  The only problem is that Eric Smith made a strong case for more minutes last year, and as of today, all true LUMBER YARD/LB Corps softening duties are his.  So where does Jacobs fit in?  Some skeptics think he will come in and play LB.  Fair, but at the RB spot, his prep career suggested that the return of Edgerin James could near.  As an MLB, his talents IMO would go to waste.  He is my personal favorite in the RB class, and I hope he gets a legit shot at carrying the ball.


Anthony Gulley: C7.  This kid is a toss up.  He comes is as a RB, but he is a WR. Small school standout that basically was the best athlete on virtually inferior turfs. Some compare him to a “Poor Man’s” Percy Harvin, but I think he is more of a “Poor Man’s” Skyler Green .  Its yet to be seen if he has the speed of Green, but in regards to how Green was used is similar to how we plan on using Gulley.  Smart kid, definitely a true STUDENT-Athlete, may tinker with baseball.




DeAngelo Benton:   B10.  He is not the most intelligent STUDENT -Athlete, but he has the build and tenacity needed to make plays on the gridiron.  The fact that the intelligence within the classroom is lacking; suggests that there is NO way to make him a truly marketable super star. He will see playing time from day 1.  He will be our prime WR target by week 4.  He lacks pedigree, but he could turn into a southern bred Braylon Edwards .

Emory Blake:   A9.  His is a legacy (Son of Jeff Blake), and its debatable how tall he is.  Is he 6’1”?  6’2”?  Only time will tell.  His play style is like Mike Williams in regards to he is not the best route runner, but he can compete for jump balls with the best of them, and has a knack for seeing the endzone.  Good grades, comes in with a pedigree swag, been around competitive football all his life.  He will most likely take Hawthorne’s place when Tim leaves for the NFL.  He along with Rollison should be stars together.


LaVoyd James:   C8.  My favorite WR of the class.  He reminds me of Percy Harvin .  I know that is virtually a sacrilegious statement; but the kid is special.  He has an uncanny knack for shaking CBs 4-8 steps before the route develops.  He played legit competition in his preps, and he is on tape torching a few top 25 southern DBs.  When it’s all said and done, he should be a 4.49 burner.  Great hands, and excellent shiftiness. 


Travante Stallworth:   B7.  Let the pundits tell it.  He was the shining star of the class.  I don’t see it personally.  But I understand.  The best athlete of the class.  He reminds me of Pat White.  He played QB/WR/RB in high school, so the kid can put a pound of yankee doodle treats on defenders…  But where does he fit in with the current receiving corps and THIS class?  The most heralded of the bunch (in regards to positive press) might be the one left out the loop.




Phillip Lutzenkirchen:   A10.  Heath Miller welcome to the plains.  This kid may be the best TE to come to the plains out of prep school since Frank Thomas (or Rara Johnson).  He has all the tools.  He is an open space goliath, he can block exceptionally well, and he should be in the rotation ASAP.  There is a huge question mark at the TE depth on the Auburn roster.  So expect him to see the field early and often.




Andre Harris:   C6.  An unheralded prospect which from the outside looking in seems to be a stop-gap considering this a very weak Olineman class for Auburn standards.  Ziemba is NFL bound after next season, so with the additional losses on the line you can almost guarantee some DTs in this class may make the switch.  However, if developed, his frame would be great on the interior line.  I expect him to compete for a starting Guard position from day one.  Can’t teach size (6’4” 330lbs) but you can train it.  Derrick Dockery ring a bell?


John Sullen:   D6.  Stop gap sign.  Local kid that eclipses 300lbs.  So he should get some strong training and contribute to the Oline needs over time.  Poor man’s Randy Thomas .




Jamar Travis:   B8.  Auburn is famous for producing bowling ball styled nose tackles.  Add Travis to the list.  The DT position is kinda weak with the departure of SenDerrick Marks (IMO may be best suited for a DE spot in a 3-4), so Travis can challenge for playing time from day one.  His frame (6’1”, 305lbs) will sure up the middle and allow Bynes less responsibility directly after the snap.  Some say he is the reincarnate of Cornelius Griffin, I’ll take is a step further.  Reviewing his style of play and technique, I see Vince Wilfork .


Nick Fairley:   C7.  He will be on campus in the summer, getting started.  A big kid, 6’4”, 300+ lbs.  Should also get early playing time helping sure up a DL that will feature two of the SEC’s best pass rushers (Coleman and Goggans).  He is challenged academically, but he should get it in stride when it comes to crunch time.  He reminds me of Sean Gilbert .


Terrance Coleman:   C6.  Kind of an undersized kid, I’m not sure how he will be utilized.  Most likely he will be placed on the edge.  A strong kid.  Could turn out to be similar to Philip Daniels .


Nosa Eguae:   B8.  Very high engine.  I think he has the tenacity to be very special.  He fits the system well.  His experiences playing in the interior are intriguing, and considering he will bring considerable size (6’3”, 239) to the DE position means that he can utilize his brute game strength (developed playing A LOT of DT in high school) on unwilling OTs.  Marcellious Wiley comes to mind when I look at his frame, and his style of play.  I think that if coached, and placed on a legitimate diet, he can build into an very imposing and dominating DE.  My personal favorite in the DL class.


Josh Jackson:   D7.  Kind of a stop gap sign.  Rocker likes him, so that means I like him.  I think he can become a SenDerrick Marks part II considering his frame.  I know Sewell Hall will put about 20 more lbs on him, and Coach T-Rock will make sure his finesse is there.  Pass rushing DT.




Eltoro (Da Bull) Freeman: A9.  Where do we begin?  His name literally means “Free Male Bull”.  Ever see a bull in a ring?  Would you want it to be free or that ring?  Most likely the rest of the SEC doesn’t want that either.  Slated to make an immediate impact last year, this kid comes back from JUCO ball with ANGER.  Many thought that Da Bull and the Ball of Hate (Tray Blackmon ) were going to combo up with Bynes to make the best overall LB corps in the SEC.  Didn’t happen (Blackmon is off the NFL).  Fine.  Incomes Da Bull, and he is a starter by week 2.  Blackmon was in bold right?  That means Da Bull is part II.


Dee Ford:   C7.  Not sure with Mr. Ford.  He is a rangy OLB, that can jump off the line from a 3 technique as well.  Not sure how he will be used, but he is truly a physical specimen.  6’3”, 205 sounds like the he will be best suited as a zone blitzing OLB.  I’m thinking he would be best suited for a Julius Peterson role within the offense.


Harris Gaston:   C10.  6’4”, 235 coming into college.  This kid is the physical specimen of the bunch.  He has the demeanor of that quiet goofy looking kid in class who happened to rob 8 banks last week two states over.  He is kinda scary.  As a Redskins fan, it is easy for me to think of his comparison; LaVarr Arrington .  Why?  Measurables, and game film.  The kid shows an uncanny knack for getting to the ball.  Fumble recoveries, sacks, pass breakups and being a human tackling machine are great signs of a tru MLB/OLB.  Where he will fit in this offense is questionable because of opportunity, NOT talent.  Strong side LB would be my best guess.


Jonathan Evans:   D8.  May be the most heralded out of all of them (for this prep season), but he seems like the odd man out IMO.  I think that he measures up to get dirty.  But I don’t think he will make the SEC transition as fast as the other LBs.




Taikwon Paige:   B10.  We lost our starting CB, and a highly recruited and touted CB.  So that means, there are two spots open.  Paige is going to get a look at the CB spot, and he will be competing IMO with Neiko Thorpe.  I’m not gonna assume he gets the look over Thorpe, but man-o-man… Are we going to have some TALENT at the CB location.  Taikwon?  I’m thinking Phil Buchanon in his Raiders days.


Demond Washington: A8.  Rumor has it that he is expected to be involved with 65-75% of the entire game.  What does that mean?  That means, returning kicks (with Pierre), playing dime/nickel, and playing the occasional slot?  Yes, they are expecting him to be an all around ball player.  Derrick Williams comes to mind.  Minus the height difference, but the playmaking ability is there.  He glides when he runs, and that is the key to elusiveness.   I don’t think he will mind being the #4 CB behind McFadden, Thorpe, [Paige or Bell].


Reggie Taylor:   B8.  Geez, kinda seems like he is the odd man out here.  Possibly the fastest CB prospect on our table, but I don’t think he is going to get a fair shake.  Knowing Coach Chiz however, I think from day one, every position on the team (except Coleman, Ziemba, Pugh, Bynes, McFadden, McNeil and Berry) will be up for grabs.  So who knows where possibly the fastest man in the recruit class could end up?  Speed and measureables remind me of Darrel Green .


Daren Bates:   C8.  Think Michael Lewis .  Head cracks for days… Years…  When he gets the ball in his hands he knows what to do with it as well.  He must patiently wait for Mike McNeil and Zac Etheridge (he could possibly pair up with Mike Slade) to move on before he gets the starting nod.  But he is a head bussa in waiting.


Izauea Lanier:   D6.  Kind of a stop gap sign.  I don’t see him contributing all that much other than special teams and practice squad.



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